The Company


Mildred Ogando, founder of Laura Bonetti Jewelry, lives and works today in the Dominican Republic, the country of her birth. This location puts her at the center of larimar mining operation and enables her to cultivate a strong relationship with her nation’s larimar miners. This relationship gives her the opportunity to offer the highest quality examples of these beautiful stones at affordable prices.

She founded the company Larimar Wholesalers LLC, twelve years ago, with the mission of offering finished larimar gemstones to the jewelry industry worldwide.

A unique combination of lovely sea-blue stones with distinctively bold and stylish designs is the vision at the heart of the Laura Bonetti brand, inspired by the drive to go beyond the jewelry that was then on offer. Today’s company is the realization of that exciting vision.


Our strongest assets are found in the meticulous selection process with which we choose stones, our boldly textured craftsmanship, the attention to detail that enriches every piece, and our jewelry’s affordability.

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