Our Difference


Having the geographical advantage of living in the Dominican Republic we have a priviledged position that have allowed us
being part of the mine operations and cultivate a strong relationship larimar miners in our country.


Limited Edition and One of a Kind pieces. Most of the pieces we offer are a singular creation, never to be seen again.
This ensures that our retailers always has unique merchandise with which to bedazzle their customers.


Every piece is of the utmost quality, sought after around the world. All stones used are the highest quality; By using the deepest colors, the largest sizes and the highest quality Larimar, these offerings will stand out to your customers.


Our prices are the best available for fine-quality Larimar designer jewelry. We offer an affordable price point, starting at $63.

Our close connection with the
Dominican Republic miners give us
the advantage to offer the highest
quality larimar stones affordably.

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